SAN DIEGO SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING SERVICES offers business consulting, web design, graphic design and advertising advice

Why Use An Advertising Agency?

We offer your small business the same services as Advertising Agencies, but with affordable approaches.
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$199 That Can Boost Your Business

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Here are helpful marketing and advertising business protocols for small business owners.
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San Diego's Alternative To Big Advertising Agencies

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Specializing In Small Business Marketing, Branding & Advertising

Located in the heart of Hillcrest, San Diego Small Business Marketing Services is passionately committed to helping under-performing small businesses increase revenue and profits—affordably. We're not an advertising agency or a typical marketing company that offers big strategic solutions, we're your practical go-to aide for the everyday challenges of small businesses.

Our Mission is to enhance your San Diego small business with creative, careful and thoughtful marketing and advertising methods. We don't want you to hire us for an advertising campaign, or a temporary marketing consulting gig, we want to be an aide to your business for life. We care about seeing your business grow. Based on your definition-of-success we'll offer your small business affordable advertising methods, website design, graphic design, marketing and advertising consulting, and specialized small business branding.

Before you spend your advertising dollars on expensive marketing or print advertising, we recommend you call us to get sound marketing advice and marketing tips that suit your small business needs. Yes, there are many San Diego marketing companies, and San Diego advertising agencies, whom all give great marketing and advertising advice, but I challenge you to find a business as passionate as ours in helping your small businesses grow.


Marketing A Small Business...


One of the first things we do when we undertake a marketing or advertising assignment is to embark on a process that clearly defines your company's


A Marketing Guarantee!


We are so passionate about satisfying your marketing and advertising needs that we offer a money-back guarantee on almost all


12 Benefits Of A Marketing Consultant...

A small business usually doesn't have the budget for a marketing director or marketing manager. Most importantly, they don't have the budgets for marketing mistakes or advertising that doesn't pay off. Yet many small business owners attempt to do their own advertising and marketing which is often insuffiicient, misdirected and the marketing doesn't usually pay for the advertising investment.

On the contrary, a small business does have the budget for marketing consultants that offer hourly sessions. Often, just a few hours of marketing and advertising advice from a good marketing consultant can be very lucrative for a business.


Marketing Companies Vs Advertising Agencies

How do you choose between a marketing company and an advertising agency? What's the difference? By definition, "an advertising agency or ad agency is a service business dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising for its clients"—wikipedia. A marketing company "is used to create the customer, to keep the customer and to satisfy the customer"—wikipedia. Though both advertising agencies and marketing companies offer similar services, marketing companies tend to focus on anticipating the business needs and wants of consumers. Traditional advertising companies usually place advertising for campaigns, regardess of results.


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Seriously...What a great Marketing and Advertising Company!

I can't imagine a better marketing or advertising agency for a small business owner like myself. San Diego Small Business Marketing Services brings a refreshing change to the marketing and advertising business. I know it's cliché, but they REALLY care about the health of my business. They understand how to attract my customers and keep them.
All their marketing advice has been invaluable... Seriously, I'm impressed...what a great marketing and advertising company!
Karen Dole, Owner—Hillside Artisans

A San Diego Marketing Company And Advertising Agency Dedicated To Small Business Branding

Marketing a small business with branding helps your advertising. When an advertising agency does branding it's not always practical for a small business. But here, our marketing company offers branding that is more practical and effective than most San Diego advertising agencies. Read More