Branding AcroAma Blends

Our goal was to really separate this spice company from other organic spice companies through visual and verbal branding. It was important to create instant credibility through the visual branding, while revealing that this was also a “gourmet” organic spice blend. This branding has made a great impact since the launch of the website; they have received very positive feedback.

New Tagline:

Gourmet Blended Organic Herbs & Spices

New Slogan:

Living Spices For Lively Meals.

Campaign Headlines & Subheads:

Great Taste Was Never So Organic.
Bring Your Healthy Meals To Life.

Drooling Isn’t Rude If Everyone Is Doing It.
Blame AcroAma.

Pinch Me Now. Bite Later
Get fresh with AcroAma.