Branding A Prestigeous International Sailmaker

Far East Sailmakers came to us to articulate thier position within the international sailmaking markets. We positioned them as one of the world’s most trusted, reliable and precise sailmakers of blue water and coastal sails. We dove directly into the emotions of sailors and what influenced their buying decisions for custom sails. Price, prestige and living the sailor’s dream were important. Our branding hit those touchpoints and more. See some of our messaging below.

New Slogan:

Our Sails Catch Better Wind.

Campaign Headlines & Subheads:

Custom Sails Measured To Your Pocket.
Wholesale Prices. Custom Quality.

Caution: Our Sails Make You Cocky.
Pack More Supplies.

Our Sails Catch The Wind. Our Prices Catch Your Eye.
Get Back To Living The Dream.

More Memories Are Made Under Our Sails.
Taste The Salt Again.