A Truly Natural, Luxurious Brand

Lacey Haegen came to us with a strong desire to increase sales and appeal to unique markets. Lacey herself began the company with extreme motivation and passion for using natural yet effective ingredients. The new brand was developed to carry the Lacey Haegen brand across truly natural beauty product lines and create a sense of luxury for consumers among many markets.

New Tagline:

Truly Natural Luxury Skincare.

New Slogan:

Capture More Compliments.

Campaign Headlines & Subheads:

If The Choice For Truly Natural Skin Care Was Any Clearer…
Our Products Would Be Totally Transparent… Like Our Ingredients List.

Lacey Haegen… Pronounceable. Natural.

Lapse Into Luxury.
And Let The Day Escape You.

The Science Of Botany And The Essence Of The Spa Have Finally Come Together.
Lacey Haegen. Spatany.