2-Hour Business-Marketing Consulting Package

2-Hour Business-Marketing Consulting Package

We recommend this marketing consulting package for businesses that are on a budget but need to generate more sales. This is also a valuable package for new businesses and businesses that are considering moving to the next level. We offer this package to give you a plan. We can visit your business, sit down with you, and passionately provide you with up to two hours of marketing tips and practical action-steps. We’ll help you connect all the dots, protect you from ineffective advertising methods, and help you articulate your next step.

For $199 we’ll advise you on:

  • How to have your clients purchase from you more often
  • How to develop customer loyalty in three specific steps
  • How to have your clients spend more per transaction
  • How to have your clients refer your business effectively, and gladly do your marketing for you
  • What marketing efforts will work for your business and what won’t
  • What types of visual marketing materials will be most effective for you
  • How to regain past clients
  • How to deliver a powerful 1st impression to your clients so they tell others about you
  • How to separate your business from your competitors with one sentence
  • How to make your website a truly powerful lead generator
  • And much more

For $199.00 we’ll do all this, and after our meeting, we’ll outline an action plan for your business.

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