12 Benefits Of A Marketing Consultant…

A small business usually doesn’t have the budget for a marketing director or marketing manager. Most importantly, they don’t have the budget for marketing mistakes or advertising that doesn’t pay off. Yet, many small business owners attempt to do their own advertising and marketing, which is often insufficient and misdirected, with marketing that doesn’t pay for the advertising investment.

What a small business does have is the budget for marketing consultants that offer hourly sessions. Often, just a few hours of marketing and advertising advice from a good marketing consultant prove very lucrative for a small business

Effective marketing is much more than getting postcards made, having a good-looking website, or placing ads. Effective marketing is about prompting customers to take action in the manner in which you want them to, when you want them to. And it is important that your customer feel that they are getting the best value possible, and that you will stand behind them with a guarantee of total satisfaction after the purchase. To apply these approaches to all your marketing efforts and have them be effective, is not simple or easy. It requires testing, tracking and intricate planning. This is where the thorough knowledge and creative expertise of a marketing consultant pays off.

Here are some of the specific benefits of a marketing consultant:

1. Marketing Consultants can teach you what you need to know before you begin a marketing plan

2. Marketing Consultants can clear the mistakes that 95% of business owners make when marketing their products

3. Marketing Consultants can determine which marketing mediums will be most effective for your business

4. Marketing Consultants can teach you the critical elements of a compelling marketing message

5. Marketing Consultants can make you aware of the single biggest mistake that small business make with their marketing messages

6. Marketing Consultants can teach you the two most important referral programs that every small business should be using

7. Marketing Consultants can show you a simple method for reactivating old customers

8. Marketing Consultants can show you how to profit from your customers without even bringing them back to your business

9. Marketing Consultants can teach you what you must know before you give away any freebies

10. Marketing Consultants can teach you how to make your guarantees generate revenue for you

11. Marketing Consultants can show you where to place your advertising for maximum exposure

12. Marketing Consultants can give you the 7 most important elements to have on your website home page

… And much, much more.