6 Steps To A Powerful Guarantee

Most business owners are afraid to offer a powerful guarantee to their customers. The two biggest reasons are that they are worried that they can’t deliver on what they guarantee, and also, that everyone will take them up on their guarantee. But studies have shown that only about 1-2% of your customers will take you up on your guarantee. However, the benefits of a strong guarantee can be very lucrative if done right. Here is the reason: If you have a good product or service but your customers have never done business with you, they may be hesitant to purchase if they don’t feel they have a way to backtrack if not satisfied. A stong guarantee makes it less threatening for people to consider your offer. By removing the risk you increase the likelihood of a sale.

Six Steps To Creating A Powerful Guarantee:

1. Look at all your competitors’ guarantees, then make yours more attractive.

2. Make your guarantee very clear and to the point. If it is not customers will be even less inclined to purchase.

3. Avoid making conditions that go with the guarantee. Remember only 2% will take you up on your guarantee.

4. Guarantee results. But make sure you can fulfill them.

5. Make it hassle-free. In fact exceed the customers expectations. Offer money back plus more.

6. Test your guarantee. Create a couple of guarantees and test them against each other to see which brings best results.