7 Key Elements For Website Home Pages

Your website home page is like your storefront. It is the face of your business that either invites you to come in or convinces you to leave. The most significant factor with a website home page is that you only have 15 seconds to generate interest in your business or you may never see that visitor again. In order to attract more visitors deeper into your website, your home page should have these key elements:

1. It should have a compelling headline that invites you to read more about how you can benefit the reader

2. It should have your company’s unique selling position (USP) within the first paragraph

3. It should have a call-to-action—an offer that prompts the viewer to either contact you, purchase something, or sign on to something

4. It should have a powerful guarantee—a promise that reduces risk for doing business with you

5. It should have graphics with people in the pictures (making the home page more personal)

6. If possible it should have a picture of the business owner with a welcoming message

7. It should have a testimonial or two from clients you have served before

If you have these key elements on your homepage, and they are presented tastefully, you will generate trust and a willingness to do business with you.