Marketing On A Budget In San Diego

Small Business Marketing in San Diego doesn’t have to be expensive. However, like most things in life, you have to substitute one or two things to get something else in return. So what you have to substitute for marketing on a budget is “creativity” and the time it takes to implement your creative ideas. Before getting into the resources that are budget-conscious, here are a few pointers that will save you time and show you results, even on a small marketing budget:

1. Market from the point-of-view of the consumer. What would really benefit the consumer most? What would attract the consumer? And what would make them trust you more than your competitors? Remember you are not marketing to yourself. You’re marketing to

the “needs occasions” and demographics of your clientele. So for example, if you’re selling services to a 50+ age group in La Jolla, I would advise against creating hip-looking marketing materials that are overly “artsy.” In other words, create materials that are clean, coherent and honestly beneficial to the reader.

2. Always give away little gifts or gift-certificates to friends, friends-of-friends, family members, clients, or anyone else you come into contact with. These gift certificates don’t have to be expensive, but they must be 100% free with no obligations. It doesn’t matter if you sell Life-insurance or Dry-cleaning—you must give people a taste of your product or service without trying to sell them anything. You will be surprised at how these little gestures will have people talking about your business and even help generate more sales.

3. Get your business signed up with Facebook, Twitter and at least one other social media website. Whether you like it or not, you will have to do it eventually to be competitive in your market. I say don’t waste further time, just get it done as soon as possible. If you don’t understand how “social media marketing” works or how it can benefit your business, then here is a brief explanation:

Social Media Marketing is communication about your business through the use of online communities (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.) for the purpose of generating exposure, opportunities, and eventually sales. It is not a platform for hard selling or heavy promotion. It is as if you were at a social engagement and entered a conversation that casually brought up “what do you do?”. If you happen to be a wedding planner, maybe someone listening would be getting married and would then want to do business with you.

This can a very cheap and effective method for marketing your business. The details of how to start marketing with social media is another article altogether. You can call me at (619) 819-5140 if you would like free advice on how to get started.
There are many more pointers I can give you, but for now here are a few good resources for marketing on a budget:

Cost-effective Printing:

Cost-effective PayPerClick Advertising:

Cost-effective Marketing Consulting:

Free Stock Photos:

Cost-effective E-mail Marketing: